Who are we?

Errer (pronounced èrréé) comes from French and stands for wandering, roaming, traveling, hanging around. This is how we see ourselves in life. We aim to create a life that combines creativity, traveling and freedom. Being outside in nature, photography, blogging and preparing delicious food makes us happy. We simply want to do the things we like. Create the life we want to live. Live healthy and enjoy our adventures together. Far away, but also close to home.

German alps • errer.com
Berchtesgaden, Germany


The errer logo exists of the two middle ‘r’ letters which are standing next to each other in the opposite direction. For us, our logo is a sign whether to go left or right. It stands for our choices we have to make and the road we take in our life, changing direction from time to time. 

We follow our heart. And live the life we want to live. This sounds simple, but it can be complicated sometimes. How often are people influenced by people around them. Friends, parents and random people always have an opinion. We ask ourselves all the time what is important to us instead of doing what is considered as ‘normal’. Nobody should decide what you must do. Everyone has a choice, even if you think you haven’t. 

Our life

We want to think in challenges and not in certainty. Traveling through life. Turning our back to ‘9 to 5’ mentality, daily routine and collecting lots of stuff. We don’t care what other people considered ‘normal’. Buying a big house with a mortgage. Getting married and having children. For other people it’s a dream. For us it sounds like a nightmare. 

Don’t let anyone make you think your dreams are not realistic or achievable. Often people are judging because they don’t try it themselves.

Elswout, Overveen, Netherlands

Plant based recipes

A healthy and conscious lifestyle is very important for us. We try to live as conscious and sustainable as possible. Years ago we still occasionally ate meat. We stopped eating meat about 10 years ago and frankly we now find it strange we didn’t decide it much earlier. Animal cruelty is for us the main reason to stop eating meat. Now we consider it as barbaric to kill animals just for human consumption. In addition, global warming and the negative impact on nature also are important reasons to remove meat from our diet. 

From January 2020 we decided to eat completely vegan. Because why should we still eat other animal products like milk and eggs? We know now there is a lot of suffering behind the dairy and egg industry. The fact animals are being used for food doesn’t feel right. In addition, plant based food is good for our planet and for our health. And we know now it is really not difficult to eat vegan. There are so many alternatives available. 

Healthy lifestyle

For us healthy food means; to eat as much as possible unprocessed, organic, no added sugar, little salt, not too many carbohydrates, varied and a “normal” portion. Lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts and whole-wheat products. Pure ingredients. Sabine loves to cook healthy food. Find here her delicous plant based recipes.

At home we use our bicycles as often as possible. We don’t possess a car, we only hire a car if necessary. As it helps to reduce our carbon footprint we don’t want to have children. Instead of kids we do have a lovely cat. We both are true animal lovers. It is difficult, but we try to travel eco-friendly and respect nature as much as we can. We don’t stay in large hotels, but choose rather for a small Airbnb or an eco-resort where sustainability is prioritiy.

We don’t feel the need to earn a lot of money and don’t want to have a lot of possessions. It doesn’t bring us much joy. We prefer making memories instead of collecting stuff. Being flexible and independent is for us the most important thing. With errer we hope to do a lot of creative projects in the future. The freedom to do what we like makes us happy.

Sabine, Remco and Sushi

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