Samos by night •

Photography; our passion

We are becoming more and more enthusiastic about photography, especially in nature. Wake up early while everyone is still asleep, and it seems the world stands still. 

The silence. To go outdoors together. We rather spend a day in nature than in the city, that’s why we prefer to photograph in nature. The more time we spend in nature, the more we respect nature. 

Nature makes us happy.

Shooting during the golden hours are really the best moments, the light is fantastic. We get excited about developing our photography skills, it’s like we found a new passion. 

For photography you need to understand your camera because it’s all quite technical; to set up diaphragm, shutter speed and iso. Preparation is also part of photography; making a schedule and gathering information about the location.

It gives us so much energy when we create a beautiful photo and to improve it in Lightroom to make it even better. We love it to unleash our creativity in shooting and editing and it might even be addictive. 

Playing with light, color, depth, composition, cropping. Probably we can develop photography as our profession, that would be great. Photography is also a perfect combination with traveling, another passion of us.

We usually use a tripod to avoid camera movement and a remote control for the pictures we are on it, especially for Instagram. Currently we shoot with a Canon 750D and lenses Sigma 24mm f/1.4 and Canon 50 mm f/1.8, but soon we step over to a full frame camera Canon 6D MarkII. 

Gradually we will expand our equipment.


Hintersee, Germany before editing •
Amsterdams forest before editing •
Portret photography before editing •
Elswout, Overveen, Netherlands before editing •
Hintersee, Germany after editing •
Amsterdams forest after editing •
Portret photography after editing •
Elswout, Overveen, Netherlands after editing •

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