Vegan food gallery

Both we find it important to live healthy as possible. Food is most essential for a fit body. We don’t eat meat, sometimes fish. Lots of veggies and fruits, nuts, whole wheat products and healthy fats. Unprocessed, no added sugars, salt free, not many carbs and dairy. We try to eat vegan food most of the times. When traveling sometimes it is difficult to eat healthy food, but try to buy fresh products from the market, like fruits and veggies. They are the best!

Cooking and eating is what we like to do in our spare time. So why not share some recipes? They are all healthy, vegan, easy to prepare and of course very delicious. Some meals are inspired from our travels. Click on the photo to go to the recipe.



Errer (pronounced èrréé) comes from French and stands for wandering, roaming, traveling. We aim to create a life that combines traveling and working. Turning our back to ‘9 to 5’ mentality. Making memories instead of collecting stuff. We try to create a life we want to live in a healthy and sustainable way. Eating vegan food most of the times is part of this lifestyle. Curious? Than try our recipes and read our stories.

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