Who are we?

Errer (pronounced èrréé) comes from French and stands for wandering, roaming, traveling, hanging around. This is how we see ourselves in life. We aim to create a life that combines traveling and working. Photography, food and making journeys makes us happy. We simply want to do the things we like. Create the life we want to live. Live healthy and enjoy our adventures together.

Our course

The errer logo consists of the two middle ‘r’ in the opposite direction standing next to each other. For us it means a traffic sign. Life is a journey where you often change course, sometimes you change direction, whether caused by someone else or a certain event in life.

We want to follow our heart, live the life we want to live. We ask ourselves all the time what is important to us instead of doing what is considered as ‘normal’. Nobody should decide what you must do. Everyone has a choice, even if you think you have not. Thinking in challenges and not in certainty, traveling through life. Turning our back to ‘9 to 5’ mentality.

Create the life you want to live

Healthy and conscious lifestyle

We try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Try to live conscious and sustainable. We don’t eat meat, sometimes fish and we try to eat vegan most of the times. For us healthy food means; to eat as much as possible unprocessed, organic, no added sugar, almost salt-free, not too many carbohydrates and dairy, varied and a “normal” portion. Lots of vegetables, fruit, nuts and whole-wheat products, as many pure ingredients as possible. As Sabine loves to cook, you can find her delicious vegan recipes on our errer website.

At home we use our bicycles as often as possible. We don’t possess a car, we only hire a car if necessary. As it helps we don’t want to have kids also (we have no desire to have children as well). Instead of kids we do have a lovely cat and he gets so much love. It is difficult, but we try to travel eco-friendly and respect nature as much as we can.

We don’t feel the need to earn a lot of money and don’t want to have a lot of possessionsIt doesn’t bring us much joy. Making memories instead of collecting stuff. Being flexible and independent is our number 1 goal. The freedom to do what we like makes us happy.

“Everywhere feels like home as long as we are together”

Sabine, Remco and Sushi
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