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Vinyl backdrops

During the search for photography backgrounds we decided to develop our own collection. A vinyl backdrop is a surface for food, jewelry, gadgets and more. It adds value to the story you want to tell. You can use the photos for your website, social media and webshop.

Our collection consists of own photos and hand painted backgrounds. We edit and print them at a family printing business in the Netherlands. The material is smooth, matte and flexible. Vinyl is also strong, waterproof and portable.

Besides creating and selling backdrops we want to contribute. We love animals and especially cats. That’s why we want to support small foundations and volunteers who save cats from the streets. When you purchase a backdrop, a portion of the proceeds goes monthly initially to Greek Cat Care Rescue Foundation, a Dutch foundation that helps stray cats in Greece.

Our backdrop shop is constantly being renewed and supplemented, so don’t forget to check it out every now and then. For inspiration you can also follow us on Instagram.

Vegan recipes

Developing recipes is so much fun. Delicious and healthy food is extremely important to us. After we have been eating vegetarian for several years, Remco and I switched to a vegan diet in January 2020. Our love for animals is the main reason to make the decision. All living beings deserve to live. Veganism is the best way to prevent cruelty and save animals from death. They all experience love, grief and fear, just like humans. However, there are so many more reasons to eliminate animal products from your diet, like health, deforestation and climate change.

For us, the switch from vegetarian to vegan was easy, because there are so many alternatives and options for tasty food. You still can prepare your favorite dish. Why not going vegan if you save animals, help the planet and improve your health? We feel more energetic than ever.

We really hope to inspire you with our recipes to make that switch to a (more) plant-based diet.

Sabine and Remco