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Who are we?

Errer (pronounced èrréé) comes from French and stands for wandering, roaming, traveling, hanging around. This is how we see ourselves in life. We aim to create a life that combines creativity, adventure and freedom. Spending time in nature, but also working on our foodblog and creating amazing things for other people. We simply want to do the things we like. Living healthy and enjoy our adventures together.

Berchtesgaden, Germany Berchtesgaden, Germany


The errer logo exists of the two middle ‘r’ letters which are standing next to each other in the opposite direction. For us, our logo is a sign whether to go left or right. It’s a symbol for our choices we have to make and the road we take in our life, changing direction from time to time.

We always follow our heart. And live the life we want to live. This sounds simple, but it can be complicated sometimes. How often are people influenced by people around them. Friends, parents and random people often have an opinion. We ask ourselves all the time what is important to us instead of doing what is considered as ‘normal’. Nobody should decide what you must do. Everyone has a choice, even if you think you haven’t.

Our life

We want to think in challenges and not in certainty. Traveling through life. Turning our back to ‘9 to 5’ mentality, daily routine and collecting lots of stuff. We want to live an adventurous and creative lifestyle where entrepreneurship and plant-based food are integrated in our daily life.

People often expect you to buy a house with a mortgage, getting married, work five days a week and have kids. For other people it’s a dream, for us it sounds like a nightmare. We rather face new challenges and search for freedom without being attached to something.

Don’t let anyone make you think your dreams are not realistic or achievable. Often people are judging because they don’t try it themselves.

Elswout, Overveen, Netherlands Elswout, Overveen, Netherlands

Plant-based recipes

Being vegan is very important to us. We stopped eating meat about 10 years ago and frankly we now feel stupid we didn’t decide it much earlier.

Since January 2020 eat completely vegan. Because why should we still eat other animal products like milk and eggs? There is so much cruelty behind these industries too.

Animal cruelty is our main reason to eliminate eating animal products. Now we consider it as barbaric that animals are seen as ''meat'' and not as living beings. That we use and murder them on such large scale only for human consumption. Secondly, global warming and the negative impact on nature also play a huge role to abandon animal products. A plant-based diet has the biggest impact to reduce our environmental impact on earth. Also, a vegan diet has many health benefits and we have never felt so much energy in our body.

And we know now it is really not difficult to eat vegan. There are so many alternatives available. Maybe you want to check out our vegan recipes. We hope we can inspire others to eat (more) plant-based too.

Our plans

Making money is no priority for us, we prefer to do the things we love. Creating things and being connected with nature. Our love for animals is huge. Remco and I dream about having a little farm with rescued animals somewhere in the countryside in Southern Europe. With a large barn where we have our photo studio and our atelier to paint and photograph our backdrops. Settle into nature and being creative. Also, we would love to financially support foundations that rescue animals. Do you want to follow us in our journey? Go to our Instagram page

Or are you interested to collaborate with us? Check here the possibilities and send us an email to or use our contact form.

Sabine and Remco Drawing heart