FAQ Backdrops

We are happy to see you on our website, because just like you, we love to be creative. And a photography background can help you with that. In fact, it’s the first thing you need for your photo. On this page you will find information about our vinyl backdrops and our working method.

And whether you are working professionally or just starting with photography, it doesn’t matter at all. Everyone can use our backdrops.

  • With a vinyl backdrop you can present and photograph a dish or other non-food item more beautifully. A stone, wooden or metal surface gives a lot of extra to your final photo that you can use for your social media and website. The surface looks just as real as it looks much less sterile than just a plain white background. It also enhance your item in terms of mood and color, for example. Great thing is that everyone can use the backdrops and they are suitable for various purposes. They are often used in food photography, like we do with our food blog, but they are also suitable for photographing jewelry, beauty products or gadgets. And larger sizes are suitable for portrait or newborn photography.

  • The backdrops are printed on high quality durable vinyl material. A photo of our design or it can be an original photo taken by us of a wall, door or whatever what seems interesting to us to use as a background. We try to capture the depth and structure in a digital print to make it real. You can use the surface vertically or horizontally, as a wall or as a flat lay. Flexible backdrops that you can easily take with you to a photo studio and which is easily to store. Something that is much more difficult with heavy wooden boards, doors or walls.

  • The backdrops are printed at a small family business in the Netherlands on durable vinyl which is water-repellent and lightweight. Our material is strong, smooth, matt and flexible. Perfect for photography. You can easily roll up the backdrop and store it in the tube in which we send it to you. They are wipeable and anti-curl unlike many traditional vinyl backdrops used for photo backgrounds. If they have been stored and rolled up for a long time, they can curl, but once relaxed after laying flat they will uncurl again. There are companies who sell vinyl backdrops with a structure on the surface that you can clearly see in the photo. Especially if you take the photo diagonally from the front. Our backgrounds are totally smooth.

  • We currently offer two sizes backdrops of 90x60cm and 90x135cm. The smaller size is commonly used, including for food photography.

    If you wish a different size, you can send us an email to info@errer.com and we will see if we can help you.

  • If you handle our vinyl backdrops properly, you will enjoy them for a long time. Keep the packaging in which you receive the backdrop. Here you can store and / or transport the backdrop. Handy if you have a shoot on location.

    Clean and store the photo background immediately after the photo shoot. Roll them up or put them flat somewhere. Do not place the backdrops in direct sunlight and make sure they do not wrinkle.

    Food photography will involve more mess with food and liquids, so a little more attention is required here for maintenance. But same here, if you treat them nicely, they will last a long time. The rules below are therefore mainly applicable to food photography.

    • Our vinyl backgrounds are wipeable and you can use water during your photoshoot. They are removable with water, but that doesn’t mean they can withstand all types of liquids. The print can stain by coming into contact with heavy colored and aggressive ingredients.
    • Avoid direct contact with ingredients such as mustard, sambal, turmeric, curry, cherries, beets (juice), pomegranate to prevent discoloration. We cannot guarantee which ingredients will or will not stain the backdrop. We always recommend using plates, cutting boards or other props to limit direct contact with the background.
    • Avoid cutting and scratching the background. Do not use them as a cutting board and do not cut into food while it lays on the backdrop. You should also pay attention to sliding with plates or other props over the backdrop as this can damage the ink.
    • Do not put hot pans directly on the backdrop.
    • Remove all dirt and objects from the background immediately after the photo shoot.
    • Use only water to wipe them with and do not use detergent.
    • Do not store the backdrops in the sun to prevent discoloration or close to heat sources to prevent deformation of the material.
  • The digital photo you see on the computer screen always differ slightly from the printed background you receive. Screen colors differ from printed colors. Also, colors differ on every computer due to brand, settings and age of the computer.

  • We usually have small sizes in stock and prepare our orders within 24 hours after receiving payment. But backdrops may be sold out and we have to reorder. You will be notified by email with an estimated shipping date. Please note that size 90x135cm will take an additional 2 working days. Within the Netherlands we ship with UPS and delivery time is 1 to 3 working days. Outside the Netherlands we ship with DHL Express. Delivery time vary from 1 to 7 days worldwide. You will receive a track & trace number once we send the items to you. We do not mass produce but work with a local family printer. For orders outside the European Union, please note that any additional custom costs are the responsibility of the customer.

  • We are happy to say we ship worldwide! But if your country is not listed and you are interested in purchasing backdrops, send us an email to info@errer.com for a shipping quote. We are more than happy to help you!

  • As soon as we have sent your package to you, we will send you a track & trace number via email. With the DHL track & trace tool you can easily follow your shipment online. You will know exactly where your package is and when it will arrive.

    Please contact us when package is delayed or lost. We will ask DHL to investigate your case.

  • Of course we do our best to send our backdrops safe and solid. But if the backdrop arrives damaged please let us know within 48 hours by email sending us photos to info@errer.com.

  • Of course we hope you will enjoy our backgrounds, but if your are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you can return the product in the original package in unused and perfect condition. Please arrange this within 14 days after you have received the package.

    Please send us an email with your order details to info@errer.com and we will send you instructions on how to return the package to ensure the product arrives back to us in good condition.

    As a small business we unfortunately CANNOT refund the buyer’s return shipping costs. We recommend you to use a track & trace or signed service and get a proof of return postage.

    Once your return has been received, we will notify you of your refund. Refunds are processed within 7 working days.

    Note: Custom color backdrops or 'no waste' backdrops cannot be returned or exchanged.

    If you wish to exchange an item, please send us the items you want to return as described in this FAQ and place a new order on our webshop.

  • We would like to live an independent and creative life with selling our backdrops, but we want to do more. We want to support a foundation we feel conncected with. Remco and I are huge animal lovers and have especially a huge heart for cats. Our own cat passed away last May at the age of 14 and we are happy to help a foundation who help other cats in need.

    That’s why we initially want to support the Dutch Greek Cat Care Rescue that helps stray cats in Greece. We personally know this foundation that exists since 2010. The volunteers are doing so much good work and entirely dependent on donations. Greek street cats have a tough and dangerous life and struggle to survive. This Dutch foundation works with local volunteers and helps cats through sterilization, medical care and adoption. We donate €0.30 per backdrop sold to this charity.